With ever greater advances in 3D visualisation technology, more and more companies, including architects and engineers as well as the media and entertainment industries, are moving towards using it in their initial design processes. Not only does it help with the first steps of development of a new product and allow you to test it more effectively, it also provides a clear, easier to understand visual representation for co-developers and clients alike.

The tools used in Computer Aided Design (CAD) are changing rapidly with 3D and even holographic representations available allowing developers to look at new and innovative ways of designing and presenting their latest work. Despite this, many businesses are still using 2D CAD, believing that it is either cheaper, easier to work with or that they don’t have to train up their staff to use it, something that could add extra costs to the company outgoings.

In truth, the benefits of switching from 2D to 3D far outweigh any disadvantages, either real or perceived:

  • Changing to 3D visualisation technology is neither as expensive nor as difficult as many organisations think, regardless of the size of your company.
  • Customers are more impressed with 3D presentations over 2D as they are generally look more impressive and are easier to understand, especially with complex engineering designs.
  • You can now get a complete range of 3D analysis, testing and manufacturing tools with the latest software that has come a long way in the last few years.
  • Customers are beginning to expect designs to be featured in 3D visualisation and, if your competitors are using it, you could be lagging behind in the industry.
  • Working in 3D could also save you money because you need to build fewer physical prototypes and this technology allows you to spot problems that aren’t visible on 2D visualisations.

The Benefits of Using a 3D CAD Design Service

The rise in areas such as 3D visualisation and, more recently, 3D printing means that many engineering businesses are electing to hire a specialist CAD expert who can work with them to produce custom products for clients. This outsourcing of 3D CAD services makes sense on a number of levels because businesses don’t need to employ someone with a closed set of skills on a full-time basis and can employ individuals who can tailor any 3D design to their specific needs.

A 3D CAD expert or company will also have access to the latest cutting-edge technology which means that your engineering business doesn’t need to spend valuable time training up employees to use it but can benefit from having access to the various hi-tech tools available. You also get exposure to a greater level of experience across a wide variety of industries, which means you can pick and choose the right person for the job you have in mind.

Regardless of the size of your company, opting for 3D visualisation is fast becoming the technology of choice for those developing engineering projects and is set to become the industry standard in many areas in the near future. It’s the software that puts many companies developing new projects at the forefront of innovation, light years ahead of their 2D competitors.

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