3D CAD Models for 3D Printing

Using our CSWE Solidworks Engineers we offer 3D Designs ready for .STL or .IGES output and also provide 3D Printing Service in-house using the latest 3D Print technology Form 2 machine, click here or watch below for a video demonstration. We also have FDM machines with a very wide range of materials and colours on hand for quick prototype prints.

This means our 3D Printed parts are at a higher resolution as the machine uses a 250mW precise laser to output our projects. With a build size of 145x145x175mm (5.7x5.7x6.9in)

3D Printed parts are a powerful marketing tool saving costs when creating accurate prototypes or concepts, we offer a range of colours and material types.

We break the cost down to 3D Design and a 3D Print additional option, therefore if you want to print the 3D Model elsewhere it’s your choice.