Architectural services are in demand like never before, with an increasing number of homeowners opting to improve rather than move, creating a surge in the market.

Being equipped to respond to a high volume of work can be difficult especially whilst maintaining the absolute accuracy required. Thankfully the development of technology in recent years means that architectural design is no longer the entirely manual task that it once was.

It’s this computerisation which allows CAD designs to be outsourced more effectively. But why should an architectural firm consider this as an option? We take a closer look at the benefits.

No need to invest in expensive software

CAD design is a field which is constantly evolving, becoming ever sharper to create accurate and lifelike models for potential customers.

Technology now dominates this field and has helped to eradicate human error, creating a very precise model for use. There is of course still a need for the specialised skills of the architect; a programme can only go so far. Nevertheless, it’s this part of the process which can be outsourced to great effect.

By opting to outsource CAD designs, there’s no need to purchase expensive software and ensure that it remains updated. The outsourcer you use will have the latest CAD design functionality, saving you the expense of having to buy it yourself, not to mention the time spent researching the matter.

An additional cost is on staff training; learning how to manipulate the CAD design software in the most intricate of detail can take some time. By outsourcing the CAD design phase, your staff won’t have to go to the trouble of learning how to do a job which can easily be done by a less qualified individual.

More experience

As an architectural firm you may well offer a vast range of services with CAD design making up a fairly small proportion of what you do.

An outsourcer will be far more experienced in using CAD design software because this is their field of speciality; their knowledge is not diluted by offering such a range of skills.

This means that they will not only be faster at producing accurate designs, they will be better able to manipulate the more advanced aspects of the programmes and if any problems arise, are far more likely to be able to troubleshoot effectively. 

Saving you time

Removing the part of the process that can easily be managed by an outsourced firm, without compromising quality leaves you and your business more time to focus on what’s important.

CAD design is largely driven by technology so there’s not really a need for highly skilled architects to spend their valuable time creating them. The time that would have been spent on CAD designs can therefore be ploughed back into the business, creating greater opportunities to respond to customer demand and improving the overall level of service, or securing more business.

Guaranteed results

When you work with an outsourcer you set up an agreement by which they are bound to deliver, or else face stiff penalties.

This means that you know exactly how long it will take to get the CAD designs, unlike in-house. If your team is decimated by illness or you need to recruit, your turnaround times may be variable. They could also be impacted by the demands of other jobs and duties which arise.

With an outsourcer, the contract will specify exactly how quickly the work must be returned, and you won’t need to worry about staffing levels, sickness or any other variable factors.

CAD design can be managed so effectively now by technology it’s an area that can be very effectively outsourced. Not only will this cut costs for your business, the results on both quality and turnaround will be guaranteed, and it will free up more time for you and your architects to focus on the more important work. With so many benefits, perhaps the question should be not why you should outsource CAD designs, but why you shouldn’t?!

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