Today we are lucky enough to have access to a wide range of technology that can help us in both our personal and professional lives. One such technology is 3D video, which is becoming increasingly common in the workplace, used primarily for presentations. If you’re looking to liven up your presentations and wave goodbye to PowerPoint for good, then 3D video may be just what you need to inspire your audience.

Captivate your audience

When presenting an idea, one of the hardest tasks is keeping your audience interested. If your presentation is too long or features too much information, your audience is likely to switch off half way through (and that’s if you manage to keep their attention for that long!)

The best way to captivate your audience and keep them focused is to provide them with something new and exciting, say like a 3D video. There’s nothing quite like new technology to get people excited. Aside from capturing their attention, your 3D video will also become a topic of conversation – something they’ll continue to talk about long after your presentation is over.

Help them understand

If you’re not so great with words, it can be difficult to get your idea across to your audience. This is why many people rely on PowerPoint presentation slides to give them a helping hand. The problem is that if your idea is complex, people aren’t going to be able to pick it up and understand it from just reading a few notes on a slide. They need something visual to look at.

This is where a 3D video comes in. 3D videos can enhance your presentation by explaining how your idea works (with visuals) on your behalf. By providing your audience with 3D video clips they can view, you stand a much better chance of them fully understanding your idea and the more they understand it, the more likely your presentation is to be a success.

Build their confidence in you

Often people struggle to get onboard with things that are merely ideas or concepts if you like. If they can’t see how something will work or don’t think you’ve thought something through, they’re not going to have confidence in you or your idea. Using a 3D video will enhance your presentation by showing your idea in action and proving to your audience that it works.

3D videos featuring visual demonstrations of your idea and explanations of how it will work will greatly boost your audience’s confidence in you. Whether you are presenting to your colleagues, potential investors or even customers, you will find 3D video to be an extremely powerful medium.

Show you are forward thinking

Last but not least, using 3D video within your presentations will show your audience that you are forward thinking. No one wants to be stuck with someone who is out dated, whether they’re an investor or customer, so it’s important to use technology like 3D videos to show you and your idea are part of their future.

Whilst traditional presentations featuring PowerPoint slides do the job, they won’t captivate your audience and grab their attention quite like a 3D video. From improving an audience’s understanding of your idea with the use of 3D visuals to inspiring them to give you their backing, 3D videos will take your presentations to a whole new level and leave you wondering why you never thought of using them before.

Make yourself; your idea and your presentation stand out for all the right reasons with captivating 3D videos. It’ll be one of the best decisions you make all year!