Frequently Asked Questions for Concept Drawings

You may have an idea to propose to potential investors or suppliers, but don’t wish to go too detailed, this can be done via a hand drawn sketch or 2D / 3D CAD illustration.

This is based on time taken, along with if you require being with our Designer in person, Concept Drawings created remotely are generally cheaper to quote, specific rates can be found on our general FAQ page.

Many ways, for example a Rendered Image could be created (however this would be 3D CAD), perhaps an exploded view clearly showing all parts included, or a 3D CAD Video provided.

Ideally a clear Design Brief, perhaps a short paragraph including a description of the product along with any relevant images, so we can create in CAD or by hand.

You do, our services are hired a Design and Drawings only, in terms of royalties or ownership this is strictly owned by our customers unless agreed otherwise.

Prior to starting we are happy to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement to ensure any content is not shared, if required we can provide an NDA template.

Yes we can assist with this, depending on location we will allocate an appropriate Concept Drawing Designer.

We can assist with Manufacturing Drawings, Patent Drawings, Rendered Images, 3D Videos, 3D Printing, depending on what your requirements are we will advise the services suitable.

Yes we can make adjustments if possible on the Concept Drawing, 3x minor revisions are included on our projects.

Yes we are able to share content subject to your approval prior.

The above FAQ are for this link Concept Drawings