Manufacturing Drawings

Following the design of your product we can create Technical Manufacturing Drawings, anything from Sheet Metal to Plastics, below is a list of the services included:

  1. A4 Component Drawings for shop floor use
  2. A1/A2 Assembly and Sub-Assembly Drawings (showing sequence of build if required)
  3. Bill of Materials linking directly to parts (can be output in excel format if required)
  4. Fixings and Bought out parts clearly illustrated
  5. Flat Pattern .DXF output or .STL output
  6. Printing Service for larger drawings, A0-A2 in size.

We can provide a fixed price for the above service and can use the below information to create the 3D Model and Manufacturing Drawings:

  1. Existing Products / Parts
  2. Hand Draughted Drawings
  3. 2D CAD Information
  4. 3D CAD Information
  5. Concept Drawings / Images

As an added service we can also offer 3D CAD Video’s of your product showing sequence of build to make it clearer for shop floor staff to assemble.

Click FAQ link for Manufacturing Drawings