Fast Track Service

Should you have a project that is an urgent deadline or quick turn around required we can assist with our unique Fast Track Service.

This reduces our lead time on 2D CAD and 3D CAD Projects by ensuring it’s assigned to an appropriate Designer swiftly and prioritised internally.

Our fee for this service is 15% amount of total quoted price, with some projects turned around in 1-2 days as opposed to 7 days.

For larger projects our standard lead time can be longer than a week, however the Fast Track Service still applies reducing turn around where possible. To assist further we can allocate a pair of designers or a dedicated team depending on the scale of the project.

Feel free to get in touch by email on or by phone on 01253 543259 today.

IDS-327: Reverse Engineering and Production Drawings – Part Drawings and Assembly Drawings

Fast-track priority offered to provide the below services:

1. Receive Machine and Reverse Engineer parts, sub-assemblies.

2. Gather relevant information on motors, pipework involved.

3. Draw Sheet Metal, Box Section, Round Bar parts individually, adding unique drawing numbers and properties.

4. Create any Sub-Assemblies required, combination of parts.

5. Create Main Assembly 3D Model with all Parts Sub-Assemblies within along with fixings.

6. Once all 3D Models are completed, provide individual drawings for manufacture, along with DXF (for laser / cnc) and PDF for general viewing.

7. Finally create a front end drawing with various views such as Front, Side, Top, Sections, Isometric, Exploded, along with clear Bill of Materials and balloon items.

8. Send package for checking on Interference Detection, Hole Alignment, Quantity / BOM review.Project prioritised with numerous Designers involved internally, Reverse Engineered initially with parts and sub-assemblies submitted, followed by further design changes and improvements.

IDS-426: Planning Permission Drawing – Elevations and Plans

Fast-track priority offered to provide the below services:

1. AutoCAD Elevation of Existing Layout created.

2. AutoCAD Elevation of Proposed Layout created.

3. AutoCAD Plan View of Existing Layout created.

4. AutoCAD Plan View of Proposed Layout created.

5. Location Plan at appropriate scale created.

6. Site Plan at appropriate scale created.

7. Handover and 3x minor revisions included if required.

Usual turnaround for project of this size being 1 week, drawings provided in 2 days to speed up approval process.

IDS-373: As Built Drawing layouts – Sections and Plans

Fast-track priority offered to provide the below services:

1. 30 No drawings, similar to attached examples in your previous email, liaising with the Architect for any existing detail available.

2. Titleblock creation with your company logo sent for comment / mark-up by one of your staff / engineers.

3. Amendment of detail to suit mark-up.

4. Up to 3 No revisions included as standard (i.e minor tweaks text changes etc).

Project estimate being 2-3 weeks, reduced to 1 week with Fast-Track Service.