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Are you looking for a 3D or 2D CAD assistance? Do you have a personal or business project that needs Draughting? Imagine Draughting Services are a solution that can branch onto your current team and can provide detailed drawings for manufacture or marketing use.

Please see our Gallery area for examples and the categories shown in our drop-down menu for the CAD services we provide. Feel free to message or call us for a quotation on your project today.

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We are one of the North West’s leading CAD Draughting Services. Our company provides 2D & 3D CAD Solutions. If you require assistance call us directly or email us by clicking for our details on the button below and we’ll assist you with your project

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Latest CAD Design Articles

3D Printing and the ‘Citizen Supply Chain’

Due to the patchy and inconsistent supply of critical PPE to the NHS there have been many frontline and keyworkers put at unnecessary risk since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. These critical staff have had to turn to the public to provide them with the...

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Using 3D CAD to realize your designs

Today the majority of organisations are now using 3D CAD software for concept design work, however there’s still a good percentage out there that are continuing to use hand-drawn sketches and other more traditional methods. Whilst paper based design work is still a...

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3D CAD Services for Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Computer aided engineering requires the utilisation of computer software (CAD) which simulates performance, thus helping an engineering team to enhance product design and resolve design problems. It is used across many industries and involves various steps including...

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