3D CAD Modelling of Mechanical Components

We can create your products or parts in 3D CAD, each part is drawn to exact dimensions, materials and aesthetics within our range of CAD Software available. One of our Engineers is allocated directly to your project, liaising and providing the vision you have in mind.

Below is a list of benefits using our 3D CAD Modelling Service:

  1. Precise Part and Assembly Models in BSI or ANSI
  2. Evaluate Mass and Interference Detection
  3. Convert 2D into 3D CAD Models, upgrading valuable data
  4. Paper to 3D CAD Conversion
  5. Sheet Metal Creation and .DXF Output
  6. Plastic Part Creation and .STL Output
  7. Gain clarity on products for training purposes

Depending on the Assembly or number of parts we can provide a fixed price for the 3D CAD Modelling and additional services such as Rendered Images, 3D Videos and Technical Drawings.

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