Frequently Asked Questions for 3D Laser Scan Parts

Yes this can be arranged, initially send us an email with the specifications and we will provide a quotation.

Yes, we can travel anywhere in the UK, depending on the scale of the project it’s possible we may need to stay locally for a couple of days.

This is priced on time required to scan, post processing, distance, accommodation needed and accessibility.

This depends on what is being scanned, items that require precision such as +/- 0.1mm or buildings that perhaps +/-1mm will suffice.

Converting the mesh data into useable CAD geometry is the next step, following which we can create drawings and 3D CAD Models

Yes a full property walk through can be provided from our 3D Scan data, feel free to get in touch for an example.

Yes depending on the project type we will choose the most suitable Scanning Device.

If the 3D Scan CAD data reflects the latest version of your design then Scanning is not required.

Usually for Site Visits we will allocate a team of two Engineers, for Product Reverse Engineering usually one

This depends on location, but usually we are able to attend within one or two weeks.

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