Frequently Asked Questions for 3D CAD Models for 3D Printing

Yes we can assist with this, subject to the volume of the product fitting into our printer dimensions (see sizes provided)

If the 3D Model is completed and ready to print, then generally we can start within a few days depending on workload.

Our 3D Printing specialists provide a specific quote breakdown, usually based on material used, time and any labour required if additional parts added.

Yes specific colours can be ordered and used for 3D Prints, if not specific we will allocate a colour spare in stock.

This is something we have provided in the past for our clients, creating a specific foam cut-out for parts within a carry case.

Yes we will provide the STL file along with any other Solidworks CAD files created by ourselves.

This will be sent via post to any UK specified address, or in some cases if local can be picked up

Yes this is possible as an extruded boss or cut, feel free to send us your logo in PNG or JPEG format

Within our CAD software we are able to mirror and provide handed parts, following which a 3D Printed version can be provided

Yes we have progressed projects of this nature and can assist

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