Frequently Asked Questions for CAD Animation

This can be provided by a storyboard or we can discuss together in a meeting prior to the 3D CAD Animation being create?

We can rotate, zoom in, animate features such as springs, lights and probes, along with exploding and collapsing.

Ideally we would create the 3D CAD Model on your behalf in Solidworks, following which the 3D CAD Animation can begin.

Yes initially we would create Draft version of the Video (not fully rendered), so that any tweaks or revisions can be made.

We will provide a private link on YouTube (that only you can see), if you wish this to be made public this can also be done

This depends on the length of the video, we try and keep key features to the point to keep viewers attention, also Rendering each frame is time consuming.

Rather than having a specific 3D CAD Animation, some of our customers have a 3D CAD Spinning Model on their website (where their customers can rotate and zoom in as they wish), this can be cheaper

Upon request yes we can do this, subject to approval from yourselves

This depends on the content shown, we try to keep time to a minimum to ensure the viewer is engaged, while illustrating key product features

We will provide the CAD Animation file format, but generally do not provide an audio track or voice over 

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