Frequently Asked Questions for Planning Permission Drawings

Usually this can be done via our WhatsApp chat or email, by discussing your requirements and any specific requests from the council.

Our standard lead time is 1 week turnaround, for a quicker completion we provide a fast-track service, which costs 15% of quoted price but puts your project as priority to action

Yes, we include 3 minor revisions free of charge with each project, if further changes are requested we will also help but require to log time and bill.

With each project we provide a handover meeting, this is usually done by Zoom or Microsoft Teams, our CAD Engineer will talk you through all electronic files being sent prior to release.

On larger projects we may request a 50% deposit prior to proceeding, however for smaller jobs i.e. 1-2 days work we will action up front, provide a handover meeting then request payment.

Usually this will include Existing and Proposed Elevations, Plans, Site Plan, Location Plan, Section Views (if required) and any specific scale requested by your local council.

We specialise in creating the CAD drawings only therefore this is not a service we offer, however we do include 3 minor revisions if required free of charge.

Yes this is a service we can provide, which a quotation can be provided.

Our standard CAD format used is AutoCAD

Yes this is a service we provide, however it may be more convenient to use a local printing service also.

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