Frequently Asked Questions for Patent Drawings

Using an Existing 3D CAD Model or a new one, the drawings required can be produced from this.

Usually we would provide Front, Side, Top, Section, Isometric, Exploded Views clearly illustrating the product and key features.

We specialise in providing the drawings for you, but can recommend previous Patent Lawyers and Specialists, seperate from our company.

If the 3D CAD Model already exists then Patent Drawings usually don’t take that long to provide, perhaps 1 days allocation depending on complexity.

As usually we use the 3D CAD data then it would be against a 3D CAD rate, see our general FAQ for specific rates.

Our usual turnaround for projects is 1 week (can be more on busy periods), however we offer a fast-track services at 15% ontop of quoted price, this put you at the front of the queue.

Usually monochrome colour with no titleblock, page numbers and individual items can be itemised for clarity

This can be done via exploded view showing all parts individually and itemising

Section views can be provided on different planes to illustrate inner workings with parts combined

This process can take a long time, however we can provide manufacturing drawings, prototypes, rendered images and other useful content in the meantime.

The above FAQ are for this link Patent Drawings