Frequently Asked Questions for 2D to 3D Conversion Service

2D CAD drawings can be perfectly useable and clear, however having a Design available in 3D can provide clarity on Isometric Views and Details

Ideally all individual part drawings in 2D DWG format along with any useful sub-assembly or assembly drawings in 2D DWG format.

Once the 3D CAD Model has been created we can provide Rendered Images, Manufacturing Drawings, 3D Prints, 3D Videos, Instruction Manuals etc

We use whichever CAD software suits our customers, for example Solidworks or Autodesk Inventor (if no preference is specified most likely Solidworks)

This can be done by Reverse Engineering, please see our 3D Laser Scan Parts page

We involve our clients throughout the process, at the end of the project we provide a handover showing our CAD software and progress made.

Yes this can be converted directly to DWG format, however we may need to tidy up dimensions, annotations and title blocks (plus layers if needed)

Yes we can follow the dimensions provided to create a 3D CAD Model

If the 3D CAD Model is created in Solidworks we would recommend downloading eDrawings, this can be installed on a computer, phone or tablet.

Yes we can use previous software versions upon request, if available to us.

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