Asquith Motors

Our client required a number of Rendered Images at different angles illustrating their product along with the various configurations available, as part of our CAD Services we provide Isometric, Front, Side and additionally any bespoke views you require. We also provided some Rendered Images of the product with the side of the vehicle deployed and the other configurations for potential buyers. All Renders Images were done at high resolution in .JPEG along with a high resolution CAD Animation video.

With their product being customisable we provided a blank canvas version so that customers could pick / choose paint finishes and accessories available. We also provided a 40 second CAD Animation video showing one of the versions available, this was Rendered in High Definition and compressed being website friendly.

Should you have an existing product and want a range of Rendered Images and CAD Animation send us information by email or call us today for a quotation for our services.

The specific services used on this project were:

CAD Animation

CAD Drawings from Existing Parts

3D Rendering