Doble Engineering

Working with UK and International Teams involved in Circuit Design, Mechanical Design and Marketing Teams to develop and modernise a range of High Power Test Equipment and Accessories. Providing design changes and integrating with the companies existing setup to provide new concept designs and provide high detail manufacturing drawings ready for production of products.

Also working with UK team to provide 3D prototyping support and help with technical issues as they arose as well as developing new fixture techniques and ensuring packaging design was fully resolved. This helped to ensure all required components fit together with very high tolerances and ensured the product was durable enough for rugged on-site usage.

High resolution (8k+) images were provided of each product to be used by marketing departments and for use in printed materials and marketing launches/website usage.

Using Solidworks Composer, high detail assembly documents and quick start guides were also produced to ensure products were fully re-configurable by the end user.

The specific services used on this project were:

Manufacturing Drawings

3D CAD Modelling of Mechanical Components

3D Rendering

3D CAD Models for 3D Printing

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