Flutter Shutter LTD

With the Eco-Friendly Shutter Design already part-progressed we were assigned to take the existing data and extrusions to Convert into 3D. Using Solidworks CAD software we progressed the 3D Model and liaised directly with our client on a weekly basis for their knowledge and input. The priority was to provide a clear Manufacturing Drawing package, along with an Instruction Manual for potential installers / fitters.

To assist the customer we produced a 3D Printed Prototype of the product to aid their demonstrations to potential clients and buyers, scaled down to fit inside a carry-case, with foam mouldings to suit the parts.

Furthermore a CAD Animation Video was created illustrating the features and benefits of the product, while also showing various options / colours.

Our client’s website link can be found here:

The specific services used on this project were:

CAD Animation

CAD Drawings from Existing Parts

Manufacturing Drawings

3D Rendering

3D CAD Models for 3D Printing

Customer Website: www.fluttershutter.org