The Gym Keg

Our client required a number of Rendered Images of their product to showcase the different materials and colours available. Using Solidworks we Reverse Engineered the bottle to create a catalogue of images for our client, see examples of various colours / finishes.

In total there were nineteen different colours and variations, we provided different backgrounds and resolutions to suit various websites from which the product would be sold, along with a 360 rotating video phasing the different colours available.

Once the initial bottle was drawn we allocated configurations for each colour plus showing the cap on / off. The next phase was setting up the camera so the image angle looked identical should the material type or colour be different. Using a combination of Solidworks and Keyshot we were able to set the model up so future colours were easily added.

Should you have an existing product series and want a range of Rendered Images send us information by email or call us today for a quotation for our services.

The specific services used on this project were:

CAD Drawings from Existing Parts

CAD Animation

3D Rendering