Premier 1 Filtration

Imagine Draughting Services were hired on this particular job to work closely with the client’s Fabrication and Manufacturing team, developing the product. Initially a Reverse Engineer of all parts and sub-assemblies was done to capture the design. Following which changes and improvements were actioned, to make the product easier to assemble, cost-effective and less reliant on hands on welding.

Solidworks was used to create all drawings, along with PDF/DXF files for suppliers to view parts – also build instruction drawings were produced to assist shop floor. We work closely not only to create an initial design with clients but to improve and develop projects as they evolve over time.

Should you have a product and want a range of CAD Drawings from Existing Parts or Manufacturing Drawings send us information by email or call us today for a quotation for our services.

The specific services used on this project were:

Manufacturing Drawings

CAD Drawings from Existing Parts

CAD Animation

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