Tornado Saw

On this project was a mixture of 3D CAD Design and Rendered Images, we provided our client with a number of different angles to showcase their design and idea. Solidworks was used to create the prototype concept prior to manufacturing. With complex surfacing and ergonomics to consider we created a number of different versions before ending with the examples shown.

We created a number of Concept Drawings including Bill of Materials to link with individual parts, we created various assembly drawings with exploded / collapsed views for clarity. Also a 360 degree Rendered Image was made so our client could rotate the product and able to upload to their website.

A total of 31 Rendered Images were organised showing all the highlights of the product from different camera angles and turning material transparent.

Should you have a product idea and want a range of Rendered Images, Concept Drawings or CAD Animation send us information by email or call us today for a quotation for our services.

The specific services used on this project were:

CAD Animation

Concept Drawings

3D Rendering