3D CAD Services for Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Computer aided engineering requires the utilisation of computer software (CAD) which simulates performance, thus helping an engineering team to enhance product design and resolve design problems. It is used across many industries and involves various steps including the simulation, optimisation and validation of products, processes and even manufacturing tools.

How is 3D CAD used for CAE?

Today many engineers actually used 3D CAD services to assist them with computer aided engineering. 3D CAD software is great for completing analysis of various different elements such as:

  • Dynamics and stress analysis
  • Fluid and thermal analysis
  • Dynamic analysis and Kinematics
  • Acoustics analysis
  • Control systems analysis

3D CAD software also gives engineers the opportunity to carry out manufacturing processes simulation and mechanical event simulation too – such as casting, die press forming and moulding. Once these tests have been carried out, the engineer can then optimise the product, process or tool to boost its performance.

Benefits of using 3D CAD for CAE

The use of 3D CAD services has greatly improved computer aided engineering, allowing for significantly reduced development costs and time, as well as improved product performance. Here we’ll take a look at some of the key benefits of 3D CAD services, throughout the CAE process.

Make better design decisions – 3D CAD software gives engineers the opportunity to thoroughly test their design and get a complete overview of it. This enables them to make better design decisions, which are based on how the product’s performance will be impacted.

Designs can be easily refined – Thanks to 3D CAD services, engineers can continuously refine their designs until they 100% match their requirements. Not having to create physical prototypes of each refinement enables businesses to save a significant amount of time and money.

Managing risk – 3D CAD services help engineering teams to control risk whilst identifying any issues with their product that need solving prior to production. This enables engineering teams to meet stringent performance specifications from either regulatory boards or the customer. Again this can save time, effort and even help to maintain an organisation’s reputation.

Access to performance insights – One of the great things about 3D CAD software is that it provides a wide range of performance insights, early on in the development process. This means that engineering teams can make small tweaks and changes early on, which works out much less costly than making big changes further down the line.

Achieve faster deliveries – New product delivery times can range from months to years, depending on the complexity and size of the project. The good news is that 3D CAD services can help to speed things up in the CAE department. By cutting down on prototyping time (by simulating the process) and carrying out testing and optimisation on screen, engineering teams are able to deliver higher quality products to market much more quickly.

Reduced overall costs – 3D CAD services for computer aided engineering help to reduce the overall cost of creating a product. They result in optimum use of resources and tools and fewer mistakes, which enables businesses to price their products competitively, in order to maintain adequate market share and profit margins.

With so many benefits, it is no wonder than 3D CAD services have become an integral part of computer aided engineering. By helping engineers to keep their costs low, whilst producing high quality and durable products, they ensure greater success in the marketplace.

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