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Prototypes Becoming Popular

Within Solidworks CAD software once a 3D Model is progressed the ability to export to STL format for 3D Printing is becoming a popular choice by customers. Having a 3D Printed Prototype can provide a customer with a physical sample of their product idea, proving useful in meetings with shareholders or potential investors. At Imagine […]

Reviewing Timesheets

At Imagine Draughting Services Ltd we collate information daily on tasks actioned, time taken and a unique customer I.D allocated. This document can be shared directly with the customer for invoice sign off, on 2D & 3D CAD tasks progressed. Over time we are able to review timesheets to see if tasks can be done […]

Providing On-Site Support

Imagine Draughting Services Ltd are able to provide on-site support to liaise and progress designs and drawings directly with your staff. This can provide a major benefit in clarity with direct communication between our Engineers and feedback from the shop floor. Location of Designers in conjunction with the office can be discussed, with us allocating […]

3D Printing Material Included

There are a number of projects where we have helped Inventors and Companies developing new ideas and prototypes. We include a breakdown of services before the job begins to provide clarity to customers proceeding, such as 3D CAD Design, Rendered Images, Techanical Drawings and 3D Printed Prototypes. As a project develops we involve customers so […]

10 Year Anniversary

Imagine Draughting Services Ltd are celebrating 10 years supporting entrepreneurs, companies and crowd funding projects. There are vast types of enquiries we receive which is why we need an extensive network of talented designers and contractors. Once a potential project is received for quotation we will determine who is the most appropriate person to allocate […]

Timesheets Logged

At Imagine Draughting Services Ltd we support and work for a number of clients throughout each week. For records purposes it’s important that all tasks are logged for clarity on work done each day and time to progress. This has helped our company historically to use that data when quoting fixed prices for projects, as […]

Revisiting Previous Jobs for Rendering

There are a number of previous projects at Imagine Draughting Services Ltd where we are revisiting and Rendering with different environments and improved realism within Keyshot. Rendered Images can be a great way of Marketing your idea to potential clients or investors, while also providing content for websites and brochure catalogues. Should you have a […]

Revising Previous Projects

It’s not uncommon to have a project or part revised after a few months or even a year, once it’s worked through the manufacturing process and feedback is provided. We can store, maintain and revise parts to the next version after an improvement is captured, this can be provided to us by a marked up […]

500 Clients and counting

At Imagine Draughting Services we have now worked with over 500 companies and individuals on product development, manufacturing, animation and architectural projects. Some customers we have now continued to support for over 10 years building a business relationship based on reliability and quick turn arounds. Should you wish to work with ourselves, we can assist […]

Product Idea for Design

Do you have an idea for a product? Do you think there is nothing similar on the market? Would you like to develop this product from an idea into reality? Imagine Draughting Services can help turn your idea into a set of technical drawings for prototype manufacture or perhaps concept images for crowd funding. We […]