The benefits of 2D CAD Draughting

Outlining a concept in paper format may be the more traditional way but designers are rapidly moving to a digital method because of the many advantages it offers.

2D CAD draughting provides far superior versatility and enables fabricators and designers to achieve far more within a relatively short space of time.

Here’s a closer look at 2D CAD draughting and the advantages it offers.

What is 2D CAD draughting?

The time-honoured practice of sketching out everything on paper has been transformed by the digital revolution and designers can now achieve the same results – or better – using 2D CAD (Computer Aided Design).

The full details of any design can be mapped out in the most intricate of detail, with mechanical and functional components included in the plans too.

A professional draughtsman can drill down into the smallest factors with 2D CAD, providing a plan which is versatile and shows the true functionality of the final design.

Everything from pipework to plumbing can be included in the plan which allows the core schematics to be calculated with absolute precision before any building begins.

Flexible design

Unless you work in design, it’s often not until you see a plan in all its glory that you will be able to accurately envisage exactly what it will look like.

A professional draughtsman can provide a realistic reproduction of the finished piece, showing how every element would fit together and how the space would be used.

The major benefit of using 2D CAD is that if you don’t like something, it’s very easy to amend, especially when compared to paper-based designs. With a digital program, it only takes a few clicks to radically change a layout and experiment with different options.

This means that you end up with the design that you really want rather than the one which was produced first.


The ease in which a plan can be produced with the assistance of 2D CAD is phenomenal when compared to a manual design.

The computer will automatically calculate many of the key features, leaving the draughtsman free to focus on where their skills are needed the most. Engineering, analysis and simulation can all be performed by the computer and where errors are found, can be immediately corrected.

With some of the manual calculations removed, the process of creating a design is far quicker, whether it’s the first draft or an amended plan.


The other major benefit to using CAD is that there’s far less room for errors due to the reduced number of manual calculations.

The computer can automatically calculate various factors and input them as the design is created. Everything from mechanical components to the dimensions of a piece of equipment can be digitally produced and altered without any help.

With designs far quicker to produce and less manual input, the inevitable conclusion is a set of plans which are far more accurate.


Regardless of all of the other benefits on offer from 2D CAD, without question one of the most appealing to a customer is the money it can save.

With the process of using a professional draughtsman dramatically shortened, you can have all the benefits of their expertise but without having to pay for so many hours of their time. With the assistance of CAD, designed a concept plan is far quicker, leaving you with more money in your pocket.

The other advantage is that the superior digital designs are much easier to understand so you can make sure you get what you really want first time around rather than having to pay for expensive alterations.

A professional draughtsman will add a number of benefits to your design process but using 2D CAD will enhance the experience even further. Eliminating errors, cutting costs and making the process more flexible for the customer, the benefits of 2D CAD draughting are endless. For more information about we can help you contact us today.