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FEA Simulation Service

Imagine Draughting Services offer FEA Simulation service to provide support on Stress Analysis, testing prior to production and manufacture. This has brought interesting results in some cases simulation testing failing depending on the safety factor and load applied, providing important information to our clients. Should you have a project that requires FEA Simulation then feel […]

Partnering with local colleges

We are now working with local higher education to develop and train students within Solidworks, providing example projects and real world scenarios to prepare future engineers for work. This is an interesting approach providing experience and troubleshooting that will help students approach and solve projects. Being a balance of on-site and remote Imagine Draughting Services […]

Partnering with Surpro Products Ltd

Imagine Draughting Services Ltd are partnering with Surpro Products Ltd to provide drawing support and marketing content. We have worked supporting Surpro on various projects over the years and now continue to collaborate on numerous products for clients within the Roof Safety Industry. New content and website will be launched shortly to showcase the products […]

Payment Terms

At Imagine Draughting Services Ltd we offer a number of different quotation options. Usually clients prefer a fixed quotation for a said project which we include a breakdown of services provided. Should a project be ongoing we can also offer an hourly rate service, where work is done upfront with a timesheet submitted each week. […]

Release of DWG files

Upon a project being completed at Imagine Draughting Services Ltd, we are able to talk clients through final files being handed over, usually done on Microsoft Teams or Zoom. With standard file formats of drawings usually being in PDF, we are also able to release the native CAD files such as Solidworks parts and assemblies. […]

Longevity of Designers

At Imagine Draughting Services Ltd we are close to trading for 10 years, during that time we have worked with some exceptionally talented designers. Over the duration of our company life some of those designers from the beginning are still part of the team today, working on bespoke projects for our clients. Without the individual […]

On Site Training for Designers

When working with customers and companies long term our Designers come familiar with their products. We have found that consistently improving training of product knowledge helps our Designers provide a better service, this is usually done on site with our clients. If you are looking to outsource design support on a consistent basis, feel free […]

Sheet Metal Flat Patterns

When a project is close to completion depending on the material used we may be asked to output flat patterns for manufacture. Generally for sheet metal parts this is the case which can include holes, cut-outs, fillets, tabs and company logo’s. The geometry used can depend on the machine producing the parts such as CNC […]

2D Concepts into 3D Models

On some projects ideas and concepts are initially drawn in 2D CAD for discussion purposes or to see if a concept works. This can be a useful strategy on and not too time consuming while getting useful results on a project. Upon approval of a 2D Concept such as a floor plan, this can be […]

Planning Permission Revisions in the future

Upon a Planning Permission drawing package being completed that is usually submitted to a local council for review pending approval and comments. Some cases can bring back revisions to action, which can be weeks down the line from submitting the drawing package. At Imagine Draughting Services Ltd we offer 3 revisions free of charge with […]